Friday, 19 September 2014

A Short Rant On The Past Few Weeks in "Gaming"

By this you have most probably heard of some sort of scandal involving gaming "journalists" in some form, either you've heard about ethics, or read one of the multitude or articles out there denouncing "Gamers" as hateful scum, mostly on online publications aimed at said gamers.

This rant isn't about how some highschool-esque clique of developers and writers are going about bullying people with different opinions, or how some internet trolls are harrasing developers or writers. Nor is it about some conspiracy theories floating around on the internet. Nor is it about which "feminist" a polygon writer believes in. Though his way of praising his feminist of choice and what she has apparently done for the industry reminds me much of how the ANC claimed to improve South African internet.

No what it's about is that we as a gamers, when reading game reviews expect to find out a certain few things like: How does the game look? Is the audio good or bad? Does the game run well or is it full of bugs? How is the story of the game? Does it offer anything unique or cool? Is it worth the asking price? Instead for the past few years all we get is articles on how a game is making the writer feel, and in some cases why they find the game oppressing their sensitivities.

But this was just a short rant, I wrote more for myself to vent than for anyone else. Take it however you like. I'm just tired of day in and day out reading and hearing about most of this bullshit that people are spreading as "must read material for all gamers" expecially when it's written by people who hate gamers.

Anyhow time for more Diablo 3

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