Wednesday, 12 November 2014

It's been a week so far. (Why Telkom Sucks)

Last week this time I got home to find my ADSL disconnected, initially thought there might be some issues with my bandwidth provider MWEB, but I soon discovered that my telephone line was noisy and unusable.
Which gave me only one option which was reporting the fault to Telkom, our only land line operator in South Africa. I also attempted contacting Telkom via Twitter.

Telkom only replied to my queries a day later with a vague response with "we have handed your problem over to technical" with no further progress update or feedback on what the possible problem is, until only 12 hours AFTER their reply, in which they tell me 200 lines in my area are affected and technicians are apparently working on the problem.

Okay fine, I think to myself. A few more days go buy with no news or feedback from Telkom, and no visible sign of anyone working on the road between my house and the telkom exchange, which is less than a km away. Up until two days ago, when I spot two telkom vehicles with people working. Finally I think. There is hope that my ADSL might get fixed and I'd also be able to use my analogue phone again.

But alas my ADSL is still broken and I still can't use my analogue phone line as it is dead. And I received an SMS today from Telkom claiming that my service has been restored. I have a feeling this is going to take a very long time to get it sorted out.

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