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Promising New Anime from Spring 2017

The spring 2017 anime season is in full swing and even though there is a multitude of long awaited sequels(Boku no Hero Academia, Uchouten Kazoku and Saekano to name a few) and a spinoff(Sword Oratoria) I'm once again making a list of the NEW anime out there that is well worth your time to watch. Keeping in mind that this list of anime is in no way a representation of the "best anime of the season" in any way, shape or form. With that behind us let's dig in!

Fukumenkei Noise

Synopsis : The anime tells a romance story with the themes of "music x one-sided love." Nino, a girl who loves singing, made a childhood promise with her first crush Momo and song-composing Yuzu to someday find her voice. The three went their separate ways, but Nino kept her promise and continued to sing. Years later, the three are now high school students, and Nino is drawn into the world of band clubs.
Thoughts :  Fukumenkei Noise gave me instant "Nana" vibes even though it's not nearly as dramatic, and the music isn't on nearly the same level. From the first four episodes I've seen I can see that this anime has quite a bit of promise, though shoujo romance isn't for everyone.

Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

Synopsis : The Alzano Imperial Magic Academy is located in the southern part of the Alzano Empire,and is among most prominent magic schools in the world, where students can learn the highest forms of magic. All those who strive to learn magic dream of studying at this academy, and its students as well as its teachers are proud to be a part of its 400-year history. Glenn Radars is a new instructor who has suddenly been appointed to teach part-time at this highly respected academy. The previously unheard-of lessons of this man known as a good-for-nothing bastard are about to begin.
Thoughts : Make no mistake, Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records isn't a "fresh" concept, or one that hasn't been almost done to death already. But even though it is predictable it is still fun to watch.

Seikai Suru Kado

Synopsis : Shindou Koujirou is a highly-skilled negotiator working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As his plane at Haneda airport prepares to take off, a huge mysterious cube appears from the sky. "It" expands rapidly, and absorbs the passenger plane and its 252 passengers.

The cube's name is "Kado".

A strange being called Yaha-kui Zashunina appears from within Kado and tries to make contact with humanity. Shindou, who was been absorbed by Kado, ends up taking on the role of mediator between Yaha-kui zaShunina and humanity. The Japanese government sends its own negotiator, Tsukai Saraka. Who is Yaha-kui zaShunina? What does he want?
Thoughts : KADO : The Right Answer is still taking me by surprise with every episode. I was initially unsure what this anime was about to be honest. But things are starting to fall into place and I'll be honest. I like what I'm seeing :D

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho

Synopsis : The grimoire fantasy series follows a witch named Zero who is ignorant of the world and a half-beast half-human mercenary who longs to be human. Witches who practice sorcery exist in the world, however, in this era no one knows how about the art and study of witchcraft. Zero is going on a journey to search for a magical tome called The Book of Zero that hides a power that can destroy the world. The mercenary travels with her as her guard.
Thoughts : Everyone loves a good adventure set in a fantasy world right? Well okay...everyone excluding boring people. Grimoire of Zero luckily has no relation to "zero no tsukaima" and it's all the better for it, though be warned it might include a certain skyrim joke.


Synopsis : People have created many stories. Joy, sadness, anger, deep emotion. Stories stir up emotion and captivate. However, those emotions are nothing more than the feelings of a spectator. What if the characters in the stories had their own will. In their eyes, are we, the creators of the stories, like gods? Revolution for our world. Punishment for the land of the gods. Re:CREATORS. Everyone becomes a Creator.
Thoughts : Re-Creators puts a spin on the whole Average guy gets transported to magical world and becomes a hero trope by making an average guy's life get invaded by Heroes! Or rather fictional characters. I'm enjoying Re-Creators so far, though I have a fair idea on what's really going on here..


Synopsis : Izumi Masamune is a high school student who loves writing light novels. Having no artistic skill himself, Masamune always gets his novels illustrated by an anonymous partner using the pen name Eromanga Sensei who, like the name suggests, draws questionably perverted images despite being extremely reliable. In addition to balancing his passion and school, Masamune is also stuck with taking care of his only family member, his younger sister Izumi Sagiri. A hikikomori by nature, Sagiri shut herself in her room for over a year and constantly bosses Masamune around despite his attempts to get her to leave her room. However, when Masamune inadvertently discovers that his anonymous partner has been Sagiri all along, their sibling relationship quickly leaps to new levels of excitement, especially when a beautiful best-selling shoujo mangaka enters the fray.
Thoughts : First things first. Kanna > Sagiri. With that out of the way Eromanga-sensei so far has provided viewers with a lot of laughs and what I also really enjoyed is how accurate the depiction of streaming artists are. On the why they do it and the joy they get from it part. Not the cute girls drawing lewd things part.

This is just a short list of promising new anime form the season. Which shows are you following each week? For a full list of Anime I'm currently following, though some might get dropped in future.. See below!

Alice to Zouroku
Attack on titan 2
Berserk 2017
Boku no Hero Academia 2
Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism
Clockwork Planet
DanMachi Gaiden - Sword Oratoria
Frame Arms Girl
Fukumenkei Noise
Granblue Fantasy The Animation
Hinako note
Kenka Banchou Otome - Girl Beats Boys
Little Witch Academia
One Piece
Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine
Renai Boukun
Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Flat
Sagrada Reset
Sakura Quest
Seikaisuru Kado
Shingeki no Bahamut - Virgin Soul
Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka Isogashii Desuka Sukutte Moratte Ii Desuka
Sin - Nanatsu no Taizai
Tsuki ga Kirei
Uchouten Kazoku S2
Yowamushi Pedal - New Generation
Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho

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