Monday, 31 March 2014

Featured Youtubers for the Month of March 2014

March just flew by and April is knocking on the door. So here is the list of Youtubers I featured on The ReefTV Facebook page for the month of March.

  • @ThatCraziac a fun guy that shares his love for indie games. Check out his Dot.Stop.Run video
  • @RenegadeSpork three guys that play games and share their fun with us. Check out their channel here
  • @FalseFroggs If you want to see a pretty cool girl playing mostly horror games check her out!
  • @maxplusgames if you are looking for some Titanfall, Dayz and Drunken Robot Pornography check it out
Remember to keep an eye on the facebook page, so that you don't miss the weekly Featured Youtubers and other great posts.

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