Thursday, 6 March 2014

Two announcements in one day that might affect my YouTube releases in future.

So I just read two articles that might affect my ability to upload and release new videos on time.
The first being that Eskom has Announced that Load Shedding is back. For those of you who don't know about Load Shedding and why this is a problem. Load Shedding is basically when power gets cut to certain areas on a time schedule, in 2008 this was in 2 hour periods but it was sometimes longer, due to Eskom being unable to prepare in case of possible problems, making sure there is enough coal or backup power generation.
In 2008 this brought South Africa's economy to a near standstill and ruined the lives of a lot of people. What this means for me is, I'll have less time to Record, Edit and Upload videos to Youtube.
The other possible announcement that mighy affect my channel in a negative way is Telkom is considering the close down some exchanges. Seeing as I live in a smaller city, the possibility is high that I may very well be affected by this. In exchange for the loss of copper services like the 4mb ADSL I'm currently using, and the VDSL that is being deployed over the country, people will be stuck with Horrible 3g, and the fast LTE for internet, Most will have 3g though, This is an issue mostly due to the Data costs on 3g and LTE being much higher than ADSL currently in South Africa.

So I really Hope my exchange doesn't get selected for shutdown. As I currently use upwards of 30gb per month Youtube uploads a month, I'm currently using Uncapped 4mb Provided by Mweb, with my total cost just under R1000 per month, But on LTE for 50gb per month, which is a lot less than I need but is also the current biggest data offering on LTE from Telkom, I would have to pay R1499.
So Increased costs but significantly lower bandwidth freedom..