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Best Anime from Fall 2014

2014 is coming to an end, and with it the Fall 2014 anime season. That means it's time to look back and see which was the best anime from the fall 2014 anime season. It also means taking a look at which Anime was the Best of 2014 as a whole but that's for another blog post. Let's get this list started shall we.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

Synopsis : Mistarcia is a magical world where humans, gods, and demons mingle together. In the past, the black-and-silver winged Bahamut has threatened to destroy the land, but humans, gods, and demons overcame their differences to fight together and seal its power. The key to that seal was split in two, one half given to the gods and the other to demons, so that they would never be united and Bahamut never released. Now, two thousand years later, the world is in an era of peace - until the day a human woman steals the gods' half of the key.
Tags : magic, fantasy, dragon, high fantasy, angel, deity, adventure, action, demon
Thoughts : Shingeki no Bahamut : Genesis took me by surprise, as it's based on a Card Game I had fears that it might just be another Card Battle anime that we've seen so many times before. But instead to my surprise and great joy they decided to rather focus on the world portrayed in the card game instead. The characters in Shingeki no Bahamut : Genesis are solid and varied. Bahamut features good music, nice visuals and takes you along on it's adventure.

Psycho-Pass 2

Synopsis : Having learned the true nature of the Sybilla System, Tsunemori Akane chose to obey the system, believing in both humanity and the legal order. She's part of a new police section and spends her everyday life facing down criminals. Unbeknownst to Akane, however, a monster who will shake the system to its core is about to appear before her.
Tags : violence, angst, thriller, sci-fi, seinen, cyberpunk
Thoughts : Tsunemori Akane is back in the sequel to the very well received Psycho Pass. In Psycho Pass 2 she has grown immensely as a character and is a bit of a bad ass herself. The new villain introduced in Psycho Pass 2 is a worthy successor to Makashimi. Fans of the first season would be glad to know the animation and audio standards were kept the same.

Amagi Brilliant Park

Synopsis : Kanie Seiya, a high school boy, is invited on a date in an amusement park by a mysterious beautiful transfer student named Sento Isuzu. He is introduced to Latifah, a real princess and the park's manager, and is asked to be the acting manager of this "disappointing amusement park in the Tokyo suburbs".
Tags : magic, contemporary fantasy, fantasy, comedy, novel
Thoughts : KyoAni's Amagi Brilliant Park was one of the anime I had high hopes for, especially seeing the Full Metal Panic Fumoffu mascot. Amagi Brilliant Park had great comedy, a ton of lovable characters, some super cute moments and a bit of seriousness thrown in. KyoAni did a great job with the visuals in Amagi Brilliant Park.

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.

Synopsis : Mitsuka Souji is a first year high school student who greatly loves twintails. One day, a beautiful girl named Thuearle, who comes from another world, suddenly appeared in front of him and gave him the power to transform into the twintails warrior Tail Red. Now Souji must fight in order to protect the peace on Earth with the help of his childhood friend Tsube Aika, who can becomes the twintails warrior Tail Blue, all while keeping the twintails warriors' real identities hidden and dealing with the fact that Tail Red is actually female.
Tags : super power, fantasy, comedy, romance, action, small breasts, large breasts, novel, school life, high school
Thoughts : Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu or Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!! as it's known in english is one of those anime that doesn't really take itself seriously. I mean a show about power ranger like "girls" protecting the earth from aliens that want to steal their twintail affinity? The show features a fair bit of fanservice but not overly much so. The ending track is also catchy.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Synopsis : Arima Kousei is a former child prodigy who lost his ability to play the piano when his mother died. His daily life is monochrome, but it begins to gain colour when he meets a female violinist by chance. Miyazono Kawori is an audacious go-getter who is overflowing with personality. Enchanted by the girl, Kousei starts to move forward with his own legs at the age of 14.
Tags : manga, shounen, music, the arts 
Thoughts : Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso first gained my attention with it's characters and music. As the character driven story progresses it draws you into their world and shows that not everything is it initially seems. Some foreshadowing has appeared that gives me the impression that the end will be far from happy. I really like how even though there some complicated relationships going on, it isn't overly forced like in Glasslip. This is possibly my favorite show from the Fall 2014 season.

There you have it, my list of top anime from fall 2014. What was your favorites? Did you enjoy fall 2014 as a whole? Let me know in the comment section! And keep your eyes peeled for the Top 5 Anime of 2014 post soon.

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