Saturday, 12 July 2014

My Top Picks from the Summer 2014 Anime Season

The Summer 2014 Anime season is in full swing and by this time I'm sure most of us have their own choice of shows they are looking forward to. Here is my list. I've excluded sequels as they won't be applicable to people who haven't seen the seasons before them. In no particular order we have :

Barakamon :

Synopsis : Calligrapher Handa Seishuu moves to the remote Gotou Islands off the western coast of Kyushu, interacting with various people of the island.
Genre : Comedy, Manga, Shounen
Thoughts : The first episode of this show took my by surprise in a good way. In some ways it reminds me of Silver Spoon, really enjoying the characters in this show so far. Hope it stays good.


Synopsis : In 1972, a hypergate was discovered on the surface of the moon, and humanity began using it to colonize Mars. Years later, war breaks out between Earth and the Martian colonists.
Genre : Humanoid Alien, Mecha, Piloted Robot, Sci-Fi
Thoughts : What an explosive first episode. The ending of it especially made me curious to see more. Great animation and use of audio in this show.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun :

Synopsis :  High school student Sakura Chiyo has a crush on schoolmate Nozaki Umetarou, but when she confesses her love to him, he mistakes her for a fan and gives her an autograph. When she says that she always wants to be with him, he invites her to his house, but has her help on some drawings. Chiyo discovers that Umetarou is actually a renowned shoujo manga artist named Yumeno Sakiko, and agrees to be his assistant. As they work on his manga Let's Love, they encounter other schoolmates who assist them or serve as inspirations for characters in the stories.
Genre : Comedy, Daily Life, High School, Manga, School Life, Shounen
Thoughts : Probably one of the funnier shows this season, first episode had me laughing out loud. Really loving the characters in this show. Do want more.

Hanayamata :

Synopsis: Normal appearance, normal intelligence, normal in arts and sports... just normal. This is the entirely normal 14-year-old, Sekiya Naru. While she admires Heroines she continues to live a normal life until one moonlit night she meets a fairy. This foreign girl then guides her into the extraordinary world of the yosakoi dance.
Genre : Manga, Seinen
Thoughts : The first thing I noticed in this anime was the impressive visuals, also I am a sucker for cute girls. First episode had some good feels in it as well. Quite interested to see how this progresses.

That's my Top Picks for the Summer 2014 season. The list will change as the season progresses, as some shows can become better and some worse. Only time will tell which will be the Best at the end of the season.

What is your list for this season? Are you looking forward to any shows? Have you been dissapointed by some of the new shows? Let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading!