Saturday, 5 July 2014

What is Patreon and Why Did I join it.

First off I'll start with "What is Patreon?"

Patreon is kind of like an ongoing crowd sourcing project, it resembles Indiegogo and Kickstarter but there are a few differences, where you can support content creators to help them continue on creating content and improve.

With Patreon though it's a monthly payment, which can be stopped at any time if you no longer want to support the creator. By supporting a creator you also get various rewards. Each creator decides what rewards they will be though. And it also allows for a more personal connection with the creator in the form of feedback and chatting.

You can find out more about Patreon by visiting this link.

Now on to the big question. "Why did I join Patreon?"

As some of you know I create Gaming and Anime related videos. When it comes to gaming there are my Let's Play series, the First Impression Videos as well as the odd montage or co-op experience.

When it comes to Anime it's usually a review video or a blog of sorts. Though doing Anime reviews brought up their own problem, as the video content sometimes gets picked up by the Youtube content ID system, and gets an instantaneous world wide block on it.

Due to this my Adsense account has been suspended by Google. Which means two things.

Firstly no more annoying adverts on my videos for you the viewer, yay! :D
But that also means I can't receive any ad revenue for the content I create, which makes buying future games and hardware upgrades quite a bit more difficult.

So now I created a Patreon account to help fund my channel, and make sure I can keep on creating content for you all. Keep note that my content will be still free to watch on youtube. And as a Patreon you can opt out of pledging me money at any time.

So please check out my Patreon Page and even if you don't pledge, just share it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!