Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Worst Anime from Spring 2014

And now it's time to look at the shows that are a complete waste of time, which if possible you should avoid.

In no particular order here are the Worst Anime from Spring 2014

Fuuun Ishin Dai Shougun :
Plot : In the late Edo period, Japan faced an unprecedented crisis with the arrival of black ships from overseas. However, Japan drove away the black ships thanks to Onigami, giant robots that have existed in Japan since ancient times. The country has remained in self-imposed seclusion from foreigners ever since...
Thoughts : From the cheap animation, lackluster plot to paper thin characters. This show just oozes bad. It would make a great example of what a bad anime is like. Not even the fanservice in this show could be seen as a reason to watch it.

Kin`iro no Chord: Blue Sky :
Plot : Soon after transferring to Seisou Gakuin, Kanade finds the orchestra club in the middle of preparing for the national concourse. Teaming up with the other members, she will improve her skills, meet new rivals and create memories for what will become an unforgettable summer...
Thoughts : I'll admit I only tried watching this because I saw the original Kin'iro no Chord years ago and enjoyed it. Sadly this is nothing like that one and is a complete waste of time. The characters are lifeless, the apparent drama is overly forced and it lacks any redeeming qualities.

Blade and Soul : 
Plot : Alka is an assassin for the Clan of the Sword, on a journey to find the woman Jin Valel, who killed her master Hon Dougen. Jin is a demon-like woman controlling the Energy of Chaos and kills without feeling — not unlike how Alka has learned to kill in her work as an assassin. On her journey, Alka encounters three strange women, each great warriors in their own right, and grapples with her slain master's wish that she leave the life of an assassin behind.
Thoughts : To be fair I didn't expect much from a show based on a MMORPG. And I would like to say that the fights and fanservice was nice. But not really. About the only good thing about this show is the Ending Song.

And that completes my list of the Worst Anime from the Spring 2014 season. Did you watch any of these shows? Which shows do you feel were the worst of the season.

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