Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Gaming on a Budget : Gaming Mice Under R400

On my previous Gaming on a Budget Blog Post. I talked about Where to Start gaming with a tight budget. With tips on what to look out for and where to find some great deals. In this post I want to show you some Valid Value for Money options when it comes to Gaming Mice.

The Mouse is one of the most important aspects of PC gaming. And in many games can possibly make the difference between winning and losing. I still believe that the Logitech MX518 was one of the greatest gaming mice ever made. So if you find one for sale secondhand in good condition. Grab it in a heartbeat!

This post is not going to be a review of the products, but more just an indication of deals out there. I'm going to use South African websites but all these products should also be available on Amazon or eBay so if you are outside South African borders check out those two links!

Logitech G300

Logitech is a well-known name in PC Gaming circles. Usually know for their high quality gaming peripherals. The Logitech G300 offers great value for money as it's inexpensive, has 9 programmable buttons, allows for dpi switching using a button. DPI range is between 2500dpi and 250dpi. It's also an ambidextrous design so both right handed and left handed gamers can use it. I've found it for sale at two stores for Under R400, seems the general pricing is in the R350 region. You can find it at BidorBuy and Raru.

Zalman ZM-M350 Combo
I first heard of Zalman back in early 2000s when I got into Overclocking, as they made some really awesome air cooling products back then. Zalman has since then spread into a wider range of products and with the Zalman ZM-M350 Combo, not only do you get a 4 button 2000dpi Optical Gaming Mouse. But also a ZM-MP500 Gaming Mouse Pad. And the best part? I found it for sale at well Under the R200 price tag so it's great value. You can find it at BidorBuy and Raru. You can also check out the Zalman M401R Gaming Mouse and the Zalman GM3 Laser Gaming Mouse.

Gigabyte M6900

Gigabyte is another well-known Brand in the PC industry, most probably the PC you are using has a Gigabyte Motherboard of Graphics Card. They also have a quite extensive peripheral range which include Gaming Keyboards and Gaming Mice. The Gigabyte M6900 is one of the many options they provide. It features Optical Tracking, 3200dpi and is also quite cheap at just over R200. You can find it at Takealot. Other options from Gigabyte's range includes the Gigabyte M6980x and the Gigabyte M6880

Corsair Raptor LM3
The final Gaming Mouse on this list is from a company more known for their Memory products, Corsair! Corsair also features an impressive product range, from high speed RAM, super fast SSDs and Very Efficient Power Supplies. They also have the Corsair Raptor LM3 Gaming Mouse which features 6 buttons, on the fly DPI switching from between 600dpi and 2400dpi with an Optical Sensor. Pricing is also good as I found one going for R240. You can find it at BidorBuy.

So there you go, you don't need to spend in excess of R750 for a Gaming Mouse, but the more expensive mice usually have the higher price tag for a reason. If you know of any other Gaming Mouse bargains out there or have used any of these Gaming Mice before. Let me know in the comment section below!

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