Monday, 10 February 2014

2013's Featured Let's Players

Here is the complete list of all the Youtubers I featured on The ReefTV Facebook Page in 2013.

I usually feature a youtuber that has content I enjoy and the list is in no specific order. Check out these talented guys and girls. The list will consist of the Channel Name and a Video From the Channel.

  • Geek Remix                                              
  • TheAFrowJow                                          
  • SwordfishPlays                                          
  • Fraggin' Aardvark                                      
  • Razorhog444                                             
  • The D-Pad                                                
  • GRNCeleryStick                                       
  • Ph4tso                                                      
  • EngeKomkommer                                     
  • HeadacheHeroes                                       

Remember to support these talented people, and keep your eyes on the facebook page for more featured youtubers every Friday!

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