Saturday, 15 February 2014

Build 263 aka Dropship for Natural Selection 2 has been released!

Now sadly this doesn't mean they added a new map, but there is tons of new changes and bug fixes which you can check out the complete list, Here!

Here is a few of the big changes

  • They added an in-menu Gather system
  • You can know wear the badge of your favorite clan in the current NS2WC
  • They Fixed power nodes not blinking red on minimap when being attacked and many other issues
  • Added ammo bars for the Marine Commander to nameplates
  • Added low light graphics quality option, for the people with older PCs
  • Added a new vote which tries to balance teams using previous round and hive stats, I know the stat tracking in Build 262 was less than great so kinda interested to see if this fixes balance issues.
All in all I'm still glad to see an indie developer like Unknown Worlds Entertainment busy trying to improve on Natural Selection 2 even though they are developing a new game too!