Friday, 14 February 2014

Featured Youtubers for the Month of January 2014

I decided to List all the Youtubers I've featured on the ReefTV Facebook Page in a montly basis as to keep the list shorter than it would have been, if I did it the same way as the 2014 list.

But I'll stop there as the real reason you are reading this is to see the list! So here it is! The list is in no specific order and each of the Youtubers have been chosen mostly because their videos had something I enjoyed in them.

First off is @cithryth a let's player from New Zealand. Here is her series on Lord of the Rings Online Her love for the game is evident in her videos and she is very well informed of the lore of the world.

Secondly is @JoeParlock a fun guy that is always friendly and willing to help out when needed, there are some great videos on his channel, here is his Of Orcs and Men video

Thirdly we have @fairweathergame they do some comedy based let's playing on some new and classic games like Goldeneye. Check out their Lumino video here

And then there is @ThrowbackGam1ng still a fairly new channel with only retro game content. Check out one of his old retro zelda series here

and lastly we have @HazelNuttyGames a Snazzy Lady with great enthusiasm in her videos! Check out her channel trailer here

Check out these great people! I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.

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